Friday 3rd November

7:45 pm Official Opening in the Abbey Hotel
8:00 pm Congress Pairs (1st Session) in the Abbey Hotel
8:00 pm Intermediate A1 & A2 Championship (1st Session)
8:00 pm Intermediate B, Junior & Novice Pairs (1st Session)

8:00 pm Open Pairs in the Central Hotel

Saturday 4th November

10:30am Fashion Show by Peter's Man Shop and Elite Boutique in Abbey Hotel

11:30 am Workshop in the Abbey Hotel by Dr Gay Keaveney

 1:00 pm Congress Pairs (2nd Session)
 1:00 pm Intermediate A Pairs (2nd Session)
 1:00 pm Intermeidate B, Junior and Novice Pairs (2nd Session)
 1:00 pm Open Pairs

 6:45 pm Congress Teams of Four
 6:45 pm Intermediate Teams of Four

  7:00 pm Gala Pairs
10:45 pm 42nd Anniversary Gala Night in the Central Hotel

Sunday 5th November

 11:15 am Reception & presentation of prizes in the Central Hotel

 12:45 pm Open Pairs
 12:45 pm Congress Team of Four (2nd Session)
 12:45 pm Intermediate Team of Four (2nd Session)
   5:00 pm Presentation of Prizes in the Abbey Hotel

  6:30 pm Open Pairs
  6:30 pm Mixed Pairs
10:30 pm Congress closes